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Coccidiosis In Rabbits – Part One

Ok folks, it’s the elephant in the room. Coccidiosis. 

All rabbits are susceptible to it, no matter how they’re kept. Nobody is immune, no rabbit is exempt.

While there are certainly some housekeeping issues that can cause it to be a big, big issue unnecessarily, unless you have a magic rabbit that doesn’t poop the truth is you cannot eliminate every single possible exposure. And guess what…all rabbits eat their cecotropes so, BAM, exposure happens (here’s a curve ball though….cecotropes are NOT a source of coccidia infection in and of themselves). True story.

So, every body and their brother is talking about it. Search every rabbit forum you can find….social media groups, rabbit blogs, message boards, private websites like this one…go ahead, I’ll wait.

Done? Good. Now forget everything you just read.

Did you notice that SOMEBODY always blames coccidia when a rabbit is sick or dies? Yeah, me too. And frankly, I’m sick of seeing all the misinformation spread around with NOTHING to back it up!

Folks, if you take anything at all away from what I say here, make it this: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Don’t just look for the comment with the most likes, or go with the majority rules theory.

So, yeah…don’t believe it because you see it on the internet. Like…this…which is, admittedly, very much on the internet LOL

The difference between that other stuff and what you will find HERE is research. Every single thing is first scientifically proven and documented, before I tested and have practically proven in my own rabbitry.

Another big difference, I won’t just tell you I dug up the research, I will give you the same current research I myself use. You don’t even HAVE to go find it.

So, onward and upward as they say. Part Two will be what you’re looking for. A detailed, thorough explanation of what coccidiosis IS, how it works, what treats and controls it, and I’ll even show you pictures!

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