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Drama Llamas Will Hunt You Forever

I received some screen shots today from someone who thought I should know that someone was using my photos on Facebook, as well as talking about me and my rabbitry in a derogatory manner. My first thought was “Ooooh, REALLY?! What’s crawled up Annette’s ass this time?!”


I really just had to giggle. This woman is probably my biggest non-fan, and I could not be less concerned, lol


Here’s the short version of the backstory….


In February 2016 (yes, two and a half years ago), I bought a black otter Satin buck from her after lengthy conversations about what I wanted (a Satin buck for my pelt line) and what I didn’t want (a show rabbit). She INSISTED she ONLY sold show quality rabbits, so…whatever. If it was shiny and reasonably priced, I was good. I literally just needed a Satin buck with decent fur to breed some dang does who was at or past puberty, and not a total trainwreck conformation wise.


At 15 weeks and 3 days old, this rabbit weighed 3.09. THREE pounds, nine ounces. I had literally just paid $10.00 a pound for a freakin rabbit I knew immediately I would be eating.


A week later, I posted this on my personal Facebook page, and surprise! My kids 4-H Club leader commented and PM’d me.

I should have known IMMEDIATELY she was stirring the pot. I purposefully did not name the breeder, even though my post privacy was set to friends and the breeder was NEVER on my friend list. I knew though that the breeder and Hillary were friends. So, I checked the private message.



I assumed that would be the end of it. Assuming was my biggest mistake.


Annette was suddenly in every rabbit related group I was in, arguing with every single thing I said. Finally, I extended this olive branch:


She replied with lots of blabbering about how I needed to grow him and his kits out fooorrreeeevvvvveeerrrr and how so-and-so had bought five of his siblings, and so-and-so had another one, and….what-the-hell-ever-lady-just-stoppit LOL


I accepted then and there that this particular dog was never going to die and just let it go. What else was I supposed to do? Continue acknowledging her ignorance and giving her the attention she so craves? Nah. Not my style.


Oh, what about that rabbit? We ate him and every kit he sired. He barely made 7 pounds at seven months old and he was taking up cage space I quickly filled with a much better Satin.


Anyway, today I get these, which were apparently posted in the named group five months ago…


The thing that I find most funny is that she had every opportunity to argue her point directly with ME, right in the group where she took those screen shots and stole my picture! While she was busy on that particular thread bragging about her rabbits instead of actually giving a “how and why” answer, I answered the guys question with as much detail as I could.


But, of course she didn’t. Because in THAT group alone she’s ripped off enough people with her “great” stock that doesn’t grow, breed, or dress out worth a dang that nobody would listen to her prathering long.


So, she hotfooted her petty right over to a SHOW group ran by the second most non-fan of mine, the infamous Bob Donnell (that’s a story for another time…I’m a teeny bit busier than the average satellite TV technician LOL) !

So, here’s the deal folks. My best advice for dealing with the cray-cray.


Don’t. Don’t argue with them, don’t waste your time, data, and intelligence on proving them liars or letting them make fools of themselves over and over again, don’t bother validating their insecurities.


You cannot make them feel less threatened by you.


They won’t leave YOU alone, but pay them no mind. Just keep raising commercial rabbits that do what commercial rabbits are supposed to do.


(ps, it’s perfectly healthy to get a good belly laugh every time they accidentally like a post or picture of yours though…I DO!!!)

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